Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 - PC

The Battlefield: Bad Company series has finally made its way to the PC with the release of the much anticipated Battlefield Bad Company 2. Many say Bad Company is the rival of Activisions Call of Duty series but in this review it will not be compared to those games in any way.
Single Player
Many years ago Battlefield was known for its great Multiplayer Only experience with each of the games not having much of a single player experience besides bots on a map, however since the release of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat DICE had delved deeper into singleplayer with the release of Bad Company on the PS3 and Xbox 360 though the single player wasn’t spectacular or ground breaking DICE proved they were able to deliver a fun addition to their Battlefield game. DICE once again has brought the single player campaign to the table in the sequel but will it stand up on its own?


Welcome back to B-Company Pvt Preston Marlow. The player is placed back in the boots of the protagonist of the first game, however the game does not directly follow the events of where Bad Company left off. All the familiar faces are back the somewhat father figure of the group and leader of B-Company Sarge makes a return guiding his group of misfits to their supposed freedom , Haggard the crazy “explosives expert” and clown of the group and Sweetwater the intelligent and talkative one.

Once again the campaign follows the fictional war against the Russian’s and Bad Company is taken on a wild ride once again to gain their freedom. Throughout the campaign you will be taken through different terrains you’ll experience snowy mountains, jungle warfare, urban areas and desert plains. Not much can be said about the campaign as the story will be spoilt but the humour fits in well with B-Company as it did in the first game with Haggard and Sweetwaters arguments being as fresh as ever, all though this time around a more serious tone has been set upon the characters due to the situation at hand. In Bad Company 2 you will be place in a few intense car chases some in which you will both gun and drive amping up the difficulty of the section as you must try and stay on the road while destroying 4 vehicles assaulting you this may sound horrible but it is quite a joy ride as long as you’re a good multi tasker if not you will most likely find these section annoying. The single player was great fun and delivered well in my books the story built up for a climatic ending which was met in a good way but also setting up for a sequel if you enjoyed the originals single player you will enjoy this one.


The Gameplay is much like the first game with the lead feature of the game being destruction no not cutting down tree’s blowing up walls fences whole buildings and even terrain deformation this adds a whole new strategic in a world where almost everything is destructible and AI that reacts in a great way to it you will find yourself in some sticky situations this means you must take your time and be cautious and selecting the right weapons for each job. During the game supply crates are places throughout the levels allowing you to change weapons to anything you have had previous and that would suit the situation forth coming, you’re not restricted to a main and a side arm which was a great move as lots of missions require a mix of shotgun/assault rifles.

The driving sequences have been added up as you will be placed in control of various vehicles (no don’t worry no mandatory helicopter flights) you will however be put in control of a tank but that section of the game is relatively easy and still offers enjoyment on many levels. The controls are solid in both vehicles and on foot gameplay though the lack of prone can being annoying at times and the crouch button having no option to toggle hold other than that Bad Company offers solid controls all round.


The Graphics are stunning large maps with riveting views and great level design, lush green forests and mountain areas can leave the player in awe as to how great the game looks it seems the ‘next gen filter’ has been thrown out the window on this one as well as the annoying film grain effect allowing us to see some colourful land scapes. DICE have out done themselves on the presentation the addition of small graphical objects like wildlife(bird) within the forest levels also add to the effect and the sound is absolutely amazing making you feel as if you are right there the only true way to experience the sound would be through 5.1 surround sound as it doesn’t not even compare to when I was wearing my headset.


I cannot see myself going back the campaign any time soon though each level boasts a hidden collectable weapon to add to your arsenal and m-com stations to be sought out and destroyed it isn’t enough to interest me to go back.

Closing Comments
DICE are still learning the ways of single player but this addition to the Battlefield franchise is a fun one I was very satisfied with the campaign leaving me feel happy and wanting to know what’s next

Score: 8/10


The Battlefield franchise is defined by its intense and fun multiplayer DICE delivered with BFBC on Xbox 360 and PS3 and did it again with the sequel which has made its way to Battlefield rightful home the PC. The multiplayer supports up to 32 player battles unfortunately no 64 player battles in this one sorry however the games are just as action packed and much more is offered in the way of game modes. The Class system also returns featuring 4 classes Assault, Engineer, Recon and Medic which you can customise with weapon changes and the new addition of specialties. There are 4 game modes the classic Conquest which featured in most Battlefield games, Rush which featured in BFBC titled as Gold Rush, Squad Rush a new take on Rush and Squad Deathmatch.

The multiplayer offers a rank system which is standard to all Battlefield games with many Ranks and Weapons to unlock however a bit has changed in this department compared to other Battlefield games in the series instead of earning an unlock point and choosing which weapon or gadget to unlock next you instead have 2 ways of unlocking weapons There is the Class unlock which you unlock class specific weapons by playing and gaining points for the specific class you choose to play ass and then there is the traditional rank unlocks which are generally universal unlocks able to be used with any class. Along with this new Unlock system the players are given attachments as well as specialties these work like upgrade to your soldier and vehicle examples are the LW Pack decreasing the weight of your body pack and allowing you to sprint for greater distances or a specialty that upgrades the armour of a vehicle your are driving. These small additions ad much more depth and strategic thought into the game allowing the player to adjust to their soldier to their play style.

The game modes present in the game give the player a small variety you can choose for up to 4:

Conquest: The classic game mode where each team struggles to control a set amount of flags on the map until the other teams tickets deplete. This game mode offers great fun and gives Bad Company the classic tone with the 32 player battles.

Rush: Returning from Bad Company in which it was called Gold Rush the attacking team must destroy 2 m-com stations(basically gold crates from the first game have been replaced with computers) to advance in the map while the defenders must defend the stations until the opposing teams tickets run dry. Again a great game mode however some maps have balancing issues for example on one map someone could sit with a on a mountain and hail shells into the m-comms building without anybody being able to reach the tank for destruction.

Squad Rush: Squad Rush is a tightened version of Rush in which 2 squads go head to head to destroy the m-comm stations this mode is simply 4v4.

Squad Deathmatch: New to the fold is Squad Deathmatch placing 4 squads of 4 players each on a map with one vehicle .This is a great and fun addition to the game it allows you to practise team work as you must fight to reach a set amount of kills to be the victorious squad.

You can tell this is a Battlefield games with large sandbox like maps to play in just like old Battlefield 2 however the maps lack heavy urban areas similar to classic maps like Karkand or Sharqi most likely due to the absolute destruction you can cause but the maps play great and are fun though as said earlier some have balancing issues.

The key gameplay mechanic of the Bad Company series is DESTRUCTION and it literally means that you can almost completely flatten a whole map as well as deform the terrain. Snipers can’t hide in trees as much anymore why? One tank shell or grenade would wipe out the surrounding tree’s leaving nothing but a scared Wookie in its wake and this is what I love about Bad Company its now hard to camp your cover can be destroyed which means you can’t use the same old strategy over and over like in previous games you have to adapt to your surroundings to survive this means constantly on the move otherwise you will be destroyed along with the building your hiding in.

Unfortunately something also well know to the Battlefield series is its release bugs during the whole series each game has suffered them and some of them are completely terrible Bad Company 2 to me is the buggiest release yet it offers server browser in which you literally gamble with time you know.. place your bets minimum bet is 5 minutes of your time if you’re lucky you will get a full browser with many servers to choose from and if you’re not you are still sitting there for another 10 minutes only to get an error “Unable to Connect to EA online” or “The server is full” even though you just refreshed and there is 8 out of 16 players on the sever. Also the fact the game is poorly optimized makes things worse my frame rate goes from 30-20 FPS during the game and god that is horrible I have a medium end system and can run most games 60FPS+( I have q6600(stock speeds) 9800GTX 4GB DDR2 RAM and Windows 7 64bit) but surprisingly the games is still enjoyable.

I would recommend this game to any PC FPS enthusiast as it is raising the bar of the War FPS genre even with its hiccups which can be forgiven by me as its DICE’s first attempt at Frostbite on PC but they still have a long way to go before its perfect.

Multiplayer Score: 9.4/10

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