Ausgaf WoW - Giraffe Guild

Ausgaf Giraffe WoW Guild, page of potential life loss.

Giraffe is a new and exciting guild that will take place on the Caelestrasz server, FOR THE HORDE! So we can steal Danoss money from his main. Sound right?
For those who are interested. Send me a message over steam or gaf or just reply to this thread. The guild is already up and running and everyone is broke(except for aon, dudes rolling in the green). Yay!

Current half assed list of players.

Forum Name Pref class Race
Orbitcube Shaman Insert sexy horde race here
Evlcookie Warrior - I would like to try and tank! Goblin
Danoss Warrior (Stealing evls idea) Goblin
Syth hunter blood smelf
X3n Warlock Goblin
X3n Mrs Hunter Goblin
Aniseed Mage or Shaman Goblin.
makaveli13 Shaman or Warlock Goblin
BananaArnie Resto Druid Tauren (maybe i will reroll but unlikely)
Aon Priest? Something
Kritz Third Person Shooter Orc or Undead or Goblin if I actually buy capacaplism
Colinp Dunno Japan!

Goals: To level as a bunch of misfits while trying to have fun only to get bored half way through and go back to playing Dirt 2 on a friday night.
Rules: Don't be a dickhead and don't steal stuff from the guild bank so you can sell it for profit.

Things to do If you're new.
You should pickup the professions you wish to use and level them as you level your character. Once you hit a major city, do that. You can always go back and level professions once you hit max level but that can take some time.
- List of professions - If you want pure gold then you can go with say herbalism and mining or herbs and alchemy. Some professions are beneficial to you depending on what class you play.
The secondary professions are all rather useful, sorta. So you may as well pick them all up and level those as well.

Sites that are useful - a wiki for all things WoW related - WoW news and shit - For when you hit end game and want to know what talent spec you should go, rotations etc - Addons - Addons

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